Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Blog Tour

Over nine days I have had a guest blog on nine different websites hosted by runners (thanks for hosting me). The full details can be seen below. I hope anyone reading them has enjoyed them.

2. - Typical weekly schedule during the lead-up to my Wainwright round

7. - Running problems and how to solve them.

8. - Things you would do differently in planning a Wainwrights challenge again

Friday, 5 May 2017

There is No Map in Hell - part3

I am excited that my book "There is No Map in Hell"  has now been officially published. I have put a lot of effort and time in making the best I can, so I hope anyone who reads it enjoys it.

I would like thank to everyone who helped me in any way to get it published.

All tickets for the book launch at Wilf’s café on 18 May at 7pm have now been sold. 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

There is No Map in Hell – Part 2

So the release date of my book is two weeks away. I am excited that I will finally get my hands on the actual book on Friday when I go to the Vertebrate offices in Sheffield to sign lots of them. Although it will be a novelty for me to sign a book, I think it might become a bit tedious after a while.
Choosing a book title is often really hard but I have been very lucky that the title “There is No Map in Hell” came when I had only just started writing it and for this I need to thank Tara Vallente.  My children were playing a computer game at Tara’s house with her children. In one of the games there was a world they were travelling around with a map to show the way. But there was a part of the world called hell without any map. One of the children shouted out  “There is no Map in Hell” and Tara immediately said that it would be a great title for my book. Luckily the publishers, Vertebrate also liked the title.

Maps have been a key part of my life since I started orienteering aged seven. I love maps and can spend hours looking at maps. If I have to travel the map to me is like an instruction manual showing me the way. However, when I started to suffer really badly whilst running the Wainwrights there was no instructions manual or map telling me how to cope with the pain and carry on pushing hard. I needed to work it out as I went along. 

I am also excited that the book launch is taking place at Wilf’s café on 18 May at 7pm. At the moment there are about 10-15 tickets available at: