Saturday, 7 November 2015

Joss Naylor 60 at 60 Pictures

In 1997 aged 60 the legendary Joss Naylor ‘Iron Joss’ ran 60 peaks in 36 hours. To celebrate this amazing achievement Phillip Allder painted a picture of Joss and 500 limited edition prints were produced and sold to raise money for MS. My family now has the remaining copies of these prints and we are selling them to raise money for an MS charity called the Samson Centre (

When I completed the Wainwrights last year (beating Joss Naylor’s record) I was raising money for two MS charities one of which was the Samson Centre. But the reason we have the prints is not because of that. During the summer my older sister, Karen Parker, completed the Joss Naylor Challenge (I supported her on the 2nd half), with Joss, as usual when someone finishes it, coming out and offering his congratulations. My younger sister, Hilary, who has MS and gets treated at the Samson Centre (she can walk a short distance with a stick but mostly needs a wheelchair to get around), was there helping Karen with roadside support and she got talking to Joss who said we could have all the remaining 60 at 60 prints if we sold them to raise money for an MS charity of our choosing.

So now we have the honour and privilege of selling these last 100 prints. The print is 36cm x 55cm. The piece of paper is 45cm x64cm and includes some text at the bottom and Joss’  hand-written signature (individually signed on each print). The difficult question is how much to sell these prints for. We have decided that a minimum charity donation of £20 to the Samson Centre is reasonable, plus another £4 for p&p.  My Mum, Sue, has kindly decided to sort out the payments and send out the pictures. She can be contacted on
The prints are available on a first come first served basis. Knowing how popular Joss is I think they might go quickly.


  1. Great idea Steve. Fingers crossed I've been quick enough :) really fantastic cause. Hope you're well matey.

  2. Cheers, Chris. Yesterday when I talked to my Mum they were mostly ordered but there were still about 20 left. So you should be OK.

  3. Thanks for all the orders and donations for these prints. I talked to my Mum yesterday and she said they had mostly been ordered but there were around 10 left. So anyone still interested needs to be quick.

    My Mum has not yet received the tubes to send the pictures out in. So they will probably arrive next week.

  4. All the Joss prints have now been sold and sent out by my Mum. Over £3000 has been raised. Thanks for all the MS donations and I hope you like the prints. Demand was very heavy so sorry if you have been disappointed.

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